Tree Roots in Sewer Pipes

Tree Roots in the Sewer Pipes?

To be clear -trees are not at fault here. Unfortunately, tree roots in sewer pipes are the responsibility of the homeowner, not the responsibility of the city.

This is simply a known, predictable, and routine hazard of being hooked up to a city or village sewer system, and is the responsibility of the property owner to deal with, by replacing the cracked pipe, which is allowing infiltration of roots, with a non-cracked pipe that will keep them out. The problem is that your pipe is old and/or damaged and has cracks that allow roots to get in.

After 30-40 years underground pipes lose the grout or glue that holds them together leaving small openings between each section of pipe for roots to get in. Once in they grow into the pipe and become larger, they then cause the pipe to misalign and move apart. Many homeowners think the solution is rodding out the line, but this is only a short term fix and after a couple of months they are repeating the rodding again (if not sooner). The only permanent fix is to replace or reline the pipe.

Call for our $99 Drain Cleaning with Camera Inspection so you can see the condition of your underground pipes for yourself. If you have tree roots blocking your sewer line there is no question that you have a crack or break in the line. Don’t delay repairs until it’s too late for relining since relining is about ½ the cost of tradition excavation and pipe replacement.